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Tell Me What Aspects Do You Want To Improve On Most?
Speed & Agility
Speed kills! The problem is most athletes have never been taught proper running form. Developing optimal mechanics, training foot quickness, and the ability to change directions are critical to sports performance.
Coordinated movements are a result of improved neuromuscular control. When we workout we're not just training the muscles of the body, we're also training the brain to coordinate those movements in order to move more efficiently.
Injury Prevention
Staying injury-free is vital to being a successful athlete in both short & long term. Practicing proper form, correcting muscle imbalances, strengthening tissues, and increasing flexibility are critical to remaining healthy.
Explosive Power
Explosiveness is the body’s ability to produce maximal force in the least amount of time. It’s the most crucial skill for jumping higher, accelerating faster, and increasing velocity for any movement.
Increased Strength
Stronger muscles, tendons, and ligaments allow the body to produce more force during any movement. More force helps translate to more power in each and every swing, kick, stride, jump, etc.
Hard work, and improved physical skills translate into more confidence to consistently make big plays. Confidence is KEY! But it's hard to be confident if your skills stay the same as the competition gets better and better.
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What Skill Do You Want To Improve On Most?
Explosive Power
Speed & Agility
Increased Strength

When I came to Sensory Speed I had been working out getting my strength back but had lost all my footwork and agility. Plus I had a bad ankle making another obstacle, which they helped me get over. After only a few sessions I was seeing improvement which kept me motivated. When it was time for the season I was in the best shape of my life and I give a lot of the credit to Sensory Speed because they pushed me to my limits which made me a better player. I highly recommend Sensory Speed.”

- Brandon Martinez, LB, Concord University Football

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