Of Sensory Speed, Inc. 
Sensory Speed, Inc. is a family owned business located in Campbell, CA. Dr. Brad Murray and son, Shane Murray started the company in 2012.

Dr. Murray is a Developmental Optometrist and Shane is a Sports Performance Trainer. Together they created a joint program that allows athletes to develop  their Eyes, Brain, and Body all at once, so that they can better achieve their goals and live a better quality life.
Where it all began...
Upon graduation from Optometry school Dr. Murray ended up in San Jose, Ca. where he specialized in Developmental Optometry. Over the past 30 plus years Dr. Murray developed a successful business where he has worked with thousands of patients, helping them improve their vision for school, sports, and life in general. 
When Dr. Murray’s son, Shane, was in college Dr. Murray shared his dream of developing a program that could help the student and the athlete in the same program. But with his health issues and current business he didn’t have the time or energy to make it happen. 

Shane was playing college football and studying exercise science at the time. He knew that he wanted to own his own business and wanted to work in the health and fitness industry. Together they agreed they would start this total performance-training program.

Starting in 2012, they immediately had success with individual athletes, and shortly after began working with San Jose State University’s softball team. Their coaches allowed SS to begin using their team as part of an incubator program. Within two seasons they had experienced an astronomical rise in overall offensive stats including their best record in school history and had set multiple offensive school records.

At that point, Sensory Speed had outgrown the incubator and knew it was time to take the idea of SS and move it into an actual sports performance facility. This is where their training programs really took off.

SS was previously located in downtown San Jose, but is now located in Campbell, Ca inside of Sirious Baseball. This is were Sensory Speed continues to serve their customers with the highest quality training.