Sensory Speed: Enabling Athletes To Improve Their Athletic And Academic Performance Through Training The Eyes, Brain & Body. Along with Fitness, Nutrition & Accountability Coaching For Long Term Health & Wellness

So, you want to make a healthy lifestyle change?

The Good News Is...
Our members are achieving their fitness & athletic goals everyday!
Tell Me What Aspects Do You Want To Improve On Most?
Get Toned
Are you ready to say goodbye to your chicken wings, or flappy tummy. Get toned & tight working out in our Adult fitness classes!
Have Fun While Sweating
Our Adult Fitness is built on a community. A place to make friends and work towards a goal together. Motivate each other to keep going and push forward!
Higher Energy
Exercise builds endorphins & endorphins make you happy which causes higher energy. Energy to go out with friends or family. 
Loss Weight 
Drop the pounds you have dreamt of for so many years!! Its the season of fitting into that little black dress you have had in your closet and we are here to help you get there!  
Increased Strength
Stronger muscles, tendons, and ligaments allow the body to produce more force during any movement. More force helps translate to more power in each and every swing, kick, stride, jump, etc.
Hard work, and improved physical skills translate into more confidence to consistently make big plays. Confidence is KEY! But it's hard to be confident if your skills stay the same as the competition gets better and better.
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What Is Your Targeted Goal?
Weight Loss
Higher Energy
All Of The Above
This Program is for those who want: 
  • To get in shape 
  • Lose Weight
  • Look & Feel better
  • ​Build Muscle 
  • ​Guidance & Direction with workouts
This Program is NOT for those who: 
  • Don't like working with other people
  • Want Crossfit like Workout 
  • ​Don't want to commit to bettering themselves
Are You Ready To Succeed?
If You're Serious About getting fit, feeling healther, And looking great You 100% Need a Complete, Scientifically Based Workout Program.